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What is the Deep Web?


The Deep Web is anything online that requires special permission or tools to access. However this website and the courses we teach focus on the Dark Web, a portion of information on the Deep Web that is purposefully hidden. Watch the video on the right to learn more!



The Most Common Questions Around the Deep Web

Using a VPN with Tor is only necessary when trying to hide Tor use from your internet service provider. VPN’s do not make your traffic safer from anyone else as Tor encrypts all of it anyways.

If you don’t NEED a vpn to access Tor you should stay away from it regardless as it can create a point of failure because now you have a permanent entrance node that may log your usage.

The best? That is sort of a preference thing. The most popular sites are the market places. That is where you can buy a host of illicit things for competitive prices. Check out some links to Dark Net Markets below.

A lot of people ask for the scariest or wierdest sites however there really aren’t too many of those. You can find a lot of them by searching but if you do find one it usually won’t stay up for too long. 50% of sites are either down or barely working on the Dark Web.


HANSA- http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/af…

ALPHA BAY- http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/af…


Tor is very safe. Meaning your risk of getting hacked or otherwise compromised is very low.

So before you order ANYTHING off the Deep Web you need to be sure you follow safe procedures.

You should already have completed the follow things:

  1. You are using Tails on a non-personal computer over a open WIFI (coffee shop etc).
  2. You anonymously registered for Dark Net Markets using Tor
  3. You have transferred Bitcoin through a tumbler.
  4. You have a strong understanding of PGP encryption and ready to use it.

Now if you have done ALL of that you are ready to purchase. First you should verify the vendor you are buying from is trusted and safe. You can verify vendors using the Grams Info Desk. (open the link in Tor)

After you have verified the vendor you will need to purchase your product. Be sure you have the Bitcoin transferred correctly and order the product. You will need to encrypt your shipping address to the selling using PGP. Do NOT send the address un-encrypted.

Voila! That really is all you need to do. Some addition tips for shipping

  • Use your real name and address or a P.O. box. (the key is never use a fake name. That is suspicious)
  • Ship to safe locations. Do NOT ship to foreclosed houses, abandoned houses, etc.
  • If police come knocking deny ANY connection and refuse entry. (if your country doesn’t allow the right to a lawyer before talking to police be very careful)
  • Order small, personal amounts. Keep it small and keep it safe.

WE DO NOT SUPPORT PURCHASING ILLEGAL PRODUCT AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. However it is your right to anonymously receive a package isn’t it?

They do! Google can index sites although it’s rare because most onion sites do not contain the information the way google looks for it.

Short Answer- Yes

Long Answer- Kind of. As it stand using Tor on Iphones is completely unsafe. However the Tor Project does offer an app for Android called Orbot. When using the Tor network you are highly protected but say you start diving deeper into drug marketplaces or hacktivist forums and you start reducing safety. Tor is meant to be used in tandem with PGP, Tails and Bitcoin for anonymity. Access the Tor Network for general use on a phone is not dangerous. However if you become active or dive deeper (just an expression not a real thing) you will need to use those other things like PGP, Tails etc. to be as anonymous as possible.

There are! Try out some below while using  a Tor browser.

TORCH- http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

NOT EVIL- http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/

There are also places for links like”

ONION REPOSITORY- http://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/

ONIONDIR- http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/

All three if you ask me. They all have different primary use cases. Tor works best at providing a layer of anonymity and circumventing censorship, i2p works best with anonymous services, and GNUnet works fairly well for file-sharing (but updates are few). That said, you as the user have to be smart about preserving your anonymity, otherwise none of these programs will help you.

The Deep Web is a part of the internet that requires special security or tools to access. Check out the starting video on this page to learn more!

Tails is an operating system used to stay anonymous while using a computer. It is considered VERY secure. More info can be found at the Tails Website.

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency. It was started in 2008 and has grown immensely in popularity. The idea behind Bitcoin is that it is ran by the people. Rather than controlled by a government or corporation.

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is a from of encryption used to send messages, files, texts, emails and more in a secure fashion. It is the closest to military grade encryption available to the public.

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